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Best Buy Jamaica was established in 2003 in Kingston Jamaica to provide the local market with the best selection of computer and cell phone related products and services at the most competitive prices. Overall we have 25 years in the computer industry experience and approximately 15 years experience in the Telecommunications field. All products that we sell come with warranties ranging from 7 days to 1 year with options to extend warranty if requested. We have a dedicated team of young Jamaicans that are committed to providing the best customer service and technical support to our customers.
We have three locations in New Kingston, HWT and Montego Bay. For your convenience, you can order online and have goods shipped to any of our locations. We offer next day delivery once the order is received before 11am and the product is in stock locally. Our goal is to source goods locally or internationally and ship to our customers in a timely manor.
Industry Trends
In recent times, Jamaica has seen an explosion of companies offering services that allow customers to make purchases online using the companyís or the customerís credit card and address. These companies will clear the goods from customs and deliver it to your door. Although this is a good service to offer, it does little to stimulate growth in Jamaicaís ecommerce market. Best Buy Jamaica would like to change this trend and contribute to the development of our local ecommerce market as well as stimulate website developments.
Competitors Shortcomings
At times, a customer may receive the incorrect products from overseas suppliers. These companies leave it to the customer to negotiate a resolution with the suppliers. The process to return the goods can be quite costly. Customers are usually not given the exact cost of items until the product is received and then you are hit with additional costs. In other cases, you may receive working item but you may need additional technical support. In order to access this support, customers may need to pay long distance phone charges to contact the supplier. In other instances, where goods are purchased on EBay or any other auction site, there is no phone number to call for support and this could lead to frustration and lengthy delays in using your product.
The Best Buy Jamaica Solution
Best Buy Jamaica operates in a similar manor when it comes to sourcing items overseas but we will provide technical support. Additionally, because of our technical expertise, we are able to ensure that your customers getting the correct item prior to their final payment to us. Our price will include shipping handling and applicable taxes. You will not be hit with any surprise cost that persons have endured dealing with other companies.
Dissatisfaction Warning
Before you choose Best Buy Jamaica or our competitorís service it is important that you not only look at the retail price but calculate the actual price with landed taxes. Remember, Best Buy Jamaica offers technical support locally.
Also, goods that are purchased overseas directly are not protected by local laws. Other companies leave it to customers to navigate the international consumer affairs laws if customers are dissatisfied with their purchase. This process is usually time-consuming and in some case, if you are entitled to be refunded for a defective product the refund is not always forthcoming. The result is consumers suffers lost and frustration. The cost to ship goods back to supplier and then to return the goods to Jamaica can be as much as 20%-40% more on your initially payment.
Think and check before you invest your hard earn money on purchases overseas as the price you see online will not be the final price when it lands in Jamaica and most of these products are available locally with a similar warranty.
We value our Customers
Thanks to our existing customers for your continued support and a big welcome to our new customers for taking the time to visit our website, we value your business and look forward to making your online shopping experience rewarding and fulfilling.
Best Buy Jamaica is a division of BCM Technology Limited

G concept PC
This PC is the best value. I get Ligit Copy of Windows XP along with Antivirus software and word processing software.
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